Who do you think you are, American government? Who the damn do you think you are?! Who do you think gave you the right to lie in such a dirty, lousy way to the people of your own country and the entire world?!

I know how many followers from the US and Canada I have, guys, I’m beginning you!…


Russian forces here in Crimea. What “Invasion” are you talking about?

Yanukovich sent letter to Putin asking for Russian military presence in Ukraine

Are you sure this is Crimea?

From the highly aggressive members of Maidan who illegally took over Ukrainian government in Kiev and now make anti-Russian laws, like banning Russian language and make in a criminal offence to use it or stripping ethnic Russians in Ukraine of Ukrainian citizenship those making them non-citizens in their own country. 

People in Eastern and Southern Ukraine are doing everything possible to protect themselves from these highly agressive people with their clearly fiscist agenda. It’s no wonder ethnic Russians asked Russia to help and protect them since Ukrainian forces are apparently doing nothing in that regard.

Some of the enthic Russians are now leaving Ukraine for Russia, but not everyone is ready to abandon their homes and leave behind their possessions. Naturally they want to protect and preserve their way of life.  


Zodiac Pisces problems.

This is spot on.


Isle of Skye